Organic Cotton 2 Pack Fine Filtration Reusable Nut Milk Bags 12″x12″


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·     FOOD GRADE MATERIAL SUPER FINE.Come with a 100 micron mesh nylon bag and a 100% organic cotton bag for food strainer, super fine filter, a real multi-use kitchen tools.


·     PRECISE STITCHED FOR STRENGTH.Strong material and stitching keep bags durable, tear resistant and small debris will not get stuck in the outside seams.


·     REUSABLE BAG WITHOUT SHRINKING OR DEFORMING.High quality material with tight weaving. Reusable, no shrinking or deforming after many wash.


·     DRAWSTRING WITH PRESS LOCK EASY TO CLEAN.Big opening bag with press lock drawstring, round corners and precise stitching for easy use and clean.


·     MULTI-FUNCTION NUT BAGS. Nylon bag is suitable for almond milk maker, vegetable and fruit juicer and more. Organic Cotton bag is suitable for homemade yogurt and cheese, soy milk, cold brew coffee filter and so on.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × .2 in


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